being human cover finalThe Scatterlings: Being Human

Digital and CD release date: October 1, 2019

Genre: Americana, Roots, Acoustic Country


  1. Mockingbird (3:51) With a rainbow looking down and clear skies ahead, always keep the storm in your rear view mirror... There is still hope for the hopeless, and the evocative atmosphere is spine tingling.
  2. Sweet Sally (5:36) When you're left with the constant reminders of a house full of memories. So much clutter, yet it's the emptiest place on earth... The path of affirmation is a long one, better get started.
  3. Flowers in the Garden (3:26) When two becomes one, the garden changes forever. The flowers are the pain. The flowers are the healing... The best sad songs are the ones that make you look up.
  4. Being Human (4:31) When life makes a monkey out of you, hang on to the one thing that makes you human, and hope that it hangs on to you... The melancholy instrumentation dances gently with a chillingly assured vocal
  5. Falling’s Easy (3:19) The circle seems neverending as the bridges burn in your wake, but you can always go home on your next spin around and start again... The eternal hope of a vicious cycle.
  6. Nashville Road (3:49) A rustic slice of Appalachian history, as a boy surveys his way into manhood. The imagery of a bygone era and the night the stars fell is brought to life in eloquent fashion.
  7. Dogwoods to Maples (3:44) When that which brings comfort is the very poison that destroys your soul. It hurts like hell when the harmony sours, but the alternative is worse.
  8. Bitter and Sweet (4:34) Booze is the serum of truth and the betrayer of secret love. Words of wisdom and regret... That floating mandolin will melt your heart.
  9. Let You Go (4:59) Sometimes you have to let go, but the pain of loss still permeates the soul. When pain is the only remedy for pain, a mournful, haunting melody is never far away.
  10. You’re Not Coming Back (2:51) Catchy tune about being left behind. Fortunately the bourbon was left behind as well.


the scatterlings albumThe Scatterlings: The Scatterlings

Digital and CD release date: July 12, 2017

Genre: Americana, Roots, Acoustic Country

For fans of: Gillian Welch, Lucinda Williams, Secret Sisters, Natalie Merchant


  1. Gallows Road (2:51) This dark tale is a flip on the traditional old time theme of a man taking revenge on the woman who did him wrong.
  2. All My Friends Are Drunks (4:14) A song with a humorous title but serious undertones, the title inspired by the words of a family member. Beautiful, dark, gritty fiddle and haunting harmonies.
  3. Fire and Whiskey (2:42) A song of love, loss, and being lost. Driving, Cajun style fiddling.
  4. Bucket of Nails (3:50) A whimsical song about waking up out of one life and looking for another.
  5. The Hounds of Sheriff John (3:24) The story of Asheville’s Sheriff John Lyerly, his famous bloodhounds, and his ghost who still occasionally pays a visit.
  6. Good Girl (3:27) The story of a “good girl” done with being good. 
  7. The Whiskey King (2:43) A fact based tale of Lewis Redmond, the notorious Western North Carolina moonshiner, fugitive, and local hero. The most bluegrassy tune of the bunch.
  8. Desdemona (4:13) Based on Shakespeare’s Othello with a Latin influenced sound.
  9. Lost and Alone (3:34) The name says it all. Lovely and sad. Pull someone you love close and be glad this song isn't about you.
  10. Caroline Shipp (3:36) The mournful lament of the last woman hanged in North Carolina in the year 1892.
  11. Get Your Dog Out of My Yard (2:41) A fun and catchy tune about a new love that has gone bad.
  12. You’re Not Coming Back (3:04) Beautiful fiddling on a bluesy song about being left behind. Fortunately the bourbon was left behind as well.


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