being human cover finalOur new album “Being Human” is officially released! We are proud of this album and would so much like you to hear what we have created. It’s available for preview, download or streaming on all the major platforms, and if CDs are your preference those are available too. Special thanks to Keith Thomas at Ivy River Studio for the superb recording, mixing and mastering and to Alicia Armstrong for use of her beautiful painting for our cover art.

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Hello Friends,

WAME scatterlings and chillbilliesA couple of weeks ago we spent an afternoon recording with Keith Thomas at Ivy River Studio. So far we've done all our recording in Rick's basement, learning and cursing as we go. It's been difficult and fun and we've learned a lot. All that being said, I can't say enough about what an incredible experience it is to record on excellent equipment with someone who has already done the learning and the cursing. Now it's just pure fun. And happily it means that we will finish our long in the works second album in far less time.

This Saturday, March 23rd we are playing at The Native Kitchen in Swannanoa from 6:30 to 8:30. If you're looking for some music and really great food this weekend, come check it out. It's a gem in Swannanoa, lacking only in tourists and downtown parking. Win/win.

Dear Friends,

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season and New Year. I think that I did, although it’s hard to remember at this point. Everything moves so fast and each day leaves the recent past a blur. All I know is that so far 2019 is kind of kicking my ass. I’m not sure yet if it’s in a good way or a bad way. Or both.  I haven’t written a thing in several months and that always feels precarious. However, I have been learning lots of new fiddle tunes and that is joyful to be sure. I have laughed a lot and cried quite a bit.  I’ve had a lot of good food and wine, and also a stomach ache for a month. It’s a mixed bag, as everything always is. And I feel like this year has barely even woken up yet. Oh lord.

scatterlings in studioIn happy news, we are playing The Drive at Five, and hanging out with the Chillbillies on 92.9 FM WAME Radio in Statesville this Friday, January, 25th from 4-6pm. You can listen live by clicking the button on the WAME website or you can even watch the show on the ChillBillies Facebook page

Take a look at our website for other upcoming dates. But not to worry—I will send out reminders. We are also working on our new album with Keith Thomas of Ivy River Studios. So far we’ve always done everything ourselves, so it’s a departure, a relief, and a delight to be working with him.

Dear Friends,

First things first. I want to admit to you that I haven’t been telling the truth when I give you the weather report and then claim that I don’t know why I love to talk about the weather so much.  I do know why. It’s because it’s so damned hard to talk about other things.  We may not all agree on all things, but we probably can agree that these past two years have felt much like living in the middle of a maelstrom.  It. Never. Ends. And maybe it’s naive to pin it all on these past two years. Maybe it’s all years, all the time, for all time. Maybe.  But these past two years have been particularly hard for me personally.  It’s a hard time to be human.  So with all this in mind, I will not give you the weather report other than to say that weather happened. Some of it was catastrophic. Some of it was lovely. Let’s move on.

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