box car squeezeHello friends!  Here we find ourselves suddenly at the end of a very soggy month of May.  It’s warm and lush and wet as anything around here.

A few nights ago we played a show at The Whistle Hop Brewing Company in Fairview, North Carolina. And no surprise—it was raining.  We have played there before, out on their big deck, but on this rainy night we all piled into a vintage boxcar, set up a minimal sound system and had a party.  It was a good time.  We will be there again on Saturday, June 23rd and I’m almost sort of hoping it rains.  You can see from the photos how pretty it is inside, with beautiful reclaimed wood and twinkling lights strung from the ceiling.  Everything looks better in a vintage boxcar!

So that's been April in a nutshell.  And that's your weather report.  Moving on....

blue plate special signWe had the amazing opportunity to play The Blue Plate Special live show on WDVX out of Knoxville, Tennessee.  We packed up and had our first Scatterlings road trip.  Granted it was only two hours away, but it still felt exciting.  Maybe because Rick made us leave at 7am so it felt momentous as I generally only get up at 6am if a plane is being caught. If you haven't ever been to Knoxville, and I hadn't, it's a beautiful city. I'm eager to go back and explore it some more.

You can listen to the show here: WDVX Blue Plate Special. Be sure to click on “Select a previous date” and choose April 14th. The Blue Plate Special starts at 12:00 pm that day.

mockingbird the audubon magazineHello again.  It's been a while.  We've all been busy enduring the winter and trying to be productive human beings.  It's a work in progress.

We have been slow as molasses on working on our second album.  Winter always seems like a good time to get things done, since you can't do lots of other things that you might like to do.  But then it turns out that early darkness leads to early drinking of hot toddies and you can figure out the rest. 

However, we did get it all together to record our song “Mockingbird” and it will be available to purchase March 15th, which is basically right now! You can download it at cdbaby

music mania crowdHouse concerts are the best. We just played our first one for Paula who runs Music Mania House Concerts in Mills River, NC.  Thank you, Paula!

What is a house concert?  I Thought you'd never ask!

A house concert is a musical concert that is presented in someone's home or apartment, or a nearby small private space such as a barn, apartment common space, lawn, or back yard.

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